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Q: What kind of art files do you prefer?
A: You will need to send one of the following (listed in order of preference):

- Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
     - Native (Original) file
     - All text outlined OR live text with fonts

- EPS file (.eps)
     - Able to open on Mac Platform
     - All text outlined OR live text with fonts
- Adobe InDesign
     - Native (Original) File
     - Properly packaged
       (Package will include linked files, fonts,
       colors and original InDesign document.)
- Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
     - Native (Original) file
     - Live text (can not be rasterized)
     - Must include font files for live text
     - Uncollapsed Layers / Groups are OK

Q: What software and version do you have?
A: We have Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop CS 5.5.

Q: I want to have a certain image on my label. Can you just grab it from my website?
A: We can not use images straight from a website. Website images are most often only 72 dpi, or screen resolution. When printing, we need the original file at it's highest resolution (preferably 300dpi or more at the size you want it to print). If you have a specific image in mind, just e-mail the designer (art@hartlabel.com) the original file and we'll be happy to put it in your label. If you're unsure what the dpi of the image is feel free to e-mail the image the art department and ask if it is a high enough resolution.


Q: I don't have a label designed yet. Can you design one for me?
A: Yes! We provide design services so you can have a custom designed label. Please visit our Design Services page for more information.

Q: How much is it going to cost to have a label designed by your designer?
A: Fill out the form on the Quote page and we will be able to give you an estimate on your design.

Q: After your designer makes my label can I have the original art files?
A: If you have paid for the design time and there are no outstanding debts, yes! You will have to fill out an Artwork Release form for our records. Once we have received the form the designer will then send you the art file via e-mail or YouSendIt.com.


Q: I won't sign the print proof until my label is approved by the TTB/COLA. I need to make a TTB file but your print proof is locked. What should I do?
A: If everything looks ok, please sign and e-mail or fax back the proof for our records. Let us know you need a TTB file when you send back the signed proof and the designer will send you one that follows the TTB's requirements. We will not print your label until it has been approved by the TTB/COLA.

Q: Why are your print proofs locked?
A: We lock our print proofs from editing for a few reasons. First is because if it accidentally gets sent to the wrong person, they won't be able to steal your artwork. This is to protect you/your company. Second reason is for other legal issues regarding copy rights. Third reason is because, if it is a custom design and you have not paid, you will not be able to edit the image yourself as the art belongs to us until you pay for it. If you would like the Illustrator art files you will have to sign an Artwork Release form and send it to us by e-mail or fax before we can release the artwork to you. This is to verify who is requesting the artwork and the correct e-mail address that it is going to.


Q: My label hasn't been approved by the TTB/COLA. Do you print my labels before the approval?
A: No! We want everything to be correct for printing and TTB often comes back with changes needed. Once the TTB has approved your label let us know and confirm your quantity and we will begin printing.

Q: How will my labels be finished/delivered?
A: Labels can be delivered in rolls or sheets. We can deliver labels in sheets up to 9-1/2” x 12” in size, or in rolls of labels that are wound on cores that are 1” or 3” in diameter. We can also slit either the face or backside of a label to facilitate the removal of the label from the liner or we can create a multi-piece label (a “label within a label”).

Q: My label is an odd size. Do you have the cutting die in house?
A: We can not be sure until we see the artwork. Once we have the artwork we can check to see if we have the die in-house. If we do not have it in-house you will have to order a custom die for your label.

Q: How much does a foil/embossing/cutting die cost?
A: Each die is different and will depend on your label's artwork. Once we have the art and know which dies we will need to produce your label we can give you a quote.


Q: What kind of stock can you print on?
A: We can print on a wide variety of papers and synthetic films with equal effectiveness. We carry a full line of paper, films, and over laminates that have adhesives that are suitable for almost any application.

*If you can not find your answer here, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer your question!*